Star Wars: Episode III: His presence has been whispered since Episode III production last summer at Fox Studios Australia, when Producer Rick McCallum hinted at "the new bad guy" during his online Hyperspace chats. With still a year to go until his big screen Episode III debut, the mighty General Grievous will see small screen action as part of the new installment of Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series episodes.

"In Attack of the Clones, we saw that former Jedi Count Dooku was the political leader behind the Separatists movement and instigator of the Clone Wars," says McCallum. "In Episode III, we'll meet General Grievous, the military leader of all the Separatist armies. He's part alien and part robot. Grievous is a master strategist and the greatest hand-to-hand Jedi killer the galaxy has ever known."

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In Chapter 20 (set to air on April 8), the micro-series finale, a group of Jedi Knights is being decimated by a seemingly indestructible new enemy. By episode's end, the Jedi and viewers both will understand the power of General Grievous.

The ten new episodes of the Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series begin on Friday, March 26. They will be available online to Hyperspace subscribers in high quality with optional exclusive audio commentary from creator Genndy Tartakovsky. If you're not already a member of Hyperspace, sign up today.

"Introducing the new character of General Grievous is an awesome responsibility," said Genndy Tartakovsky, the producer and director of Star Wars: Clone Wars. "Working with the great characters of the Star Wars universe was humbling to all of us on the crew of Star Wars: Clone Wars, but helping to create a new character that will enter the mythology has made us truly feel a part of the Star Wars family. The fact that he is a powerful villain made it even cooler."

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