Movie PictureX-Men 2: X-Men fans it's time to get excited. The Official site for the sequel to end all sequels is now online, and it is amazing! What are you waiting for? Movie Picture to download images, wallpaper, synopsis, and much more! Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets: Chris Columbus recently talked to Time Magazine about why you should strongly consider bringing younger children (7 or younger) to the sequel of the new Harry Potter movie.

Here's some of the grim details:

"A presumably dead cat is hung in a Hogwarts hallway; Hogwarts students are frozen stiff ("petrified") by a monster; Harry and his sidekick Ron Weasley are attacked with surprising violence by a giant Whomping Willow after they crash-land a flying car in its gnarled branches. Later, they are chased through the Forbidden Forest by an army of giant spiders. The Mandrake plants — whose deadly screams require Herbology students to wear earmuffs — have roots resembling ugly, sharp-toothed fetuses. It's a disturbing image, but one that creature designer Nick Dudman calls necessary: "They mustn't have any element of sympathy about them," he says, "because they get chopped up."

CLICK HERE for the article. Thanks to Dark Horizons for the heads up.

Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire: In a recent post at his official website, Christopher Lee announced his involvement in the 3rd Harry Potter film! Seems the wise old actor might be taking on the role of Dumbledore in the next flick, but according to his website, Lee cannot comment any further until he receives confirmation from Warner Bros.

The Alamo: The Texas Film Commission is handing out paid roles in the upcoming Alamo flick. So, think you got what it takes? CLICK HERE

The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman:Ain't It Cool scored the first REAL image from the movie. CLICK HERE

Equilibrium:CHUD has the answer as to why you should drool over seeing the new Christian Bale Sci-Fi thriller. For details, CLICK HERE

Cat In The Hat: Tonight Entertainment Tonight will be featuring the motion picture version of Cat In The Hat. Included in the episode will be everyone's first real look at Mike Meyeers in full costume! Check out the details...CLICK HERE

In addition, Coming Attractions is serving up even more photos from the set of the film. CLICK HERE

Movie Picture{21} Questions often get asked of Sir Ian McKellen about the possibility of a movie adaptation of {22}. Well, McKellen decided to answer this question on his official site this week:

Q: When Peter Jackson announced he was doing Lord of the Rings, he said that if the trilogy was successful, he would go back and do The Hobbit. It has been a couple of years since this was brought up--i.e. FAQ--so I pose the question again Sir Ian. Have you heard anything recently about bringing The Hobbit to the screen, and would you be interested in reprising your role? Also do you think that Ian Holm would be interested in coming back to be the younger Bilbo, as he plays the younger Bilbo in the Lord of the Rings prologue? P.s. My wife wants to know if they gave you an extra bit of length for your nose in the Gandalf make-up---she says yes and I say no.

A: I recently asked about the film rights to The Hobbit, which seem to be somewhat controlled by Peter Jackson, as far as I can tell. I hope that's the case because obviously he should have first refusal at translating the novel into a movie. I should be intrigued to return to Middle-earth, even though it involved putting on Gandalf's nose, which is even more distinctive than my own, tell your wife. I thought it might be possible to make a really long screen version, probably for television, with every episode of the book covered week by week in a multitude of episodes. Ian Holm -- who was proud to look so young as well as so old as Bilbo in The Fellowship of the Ring -- even he might think the young Bilbo of The Hobbit was unlikely casting for an actor of his age.

Analyze That: New photos are up at the official website! CLICK HERE

Hellraiser Deadworld: Doug Bradley recently spoke to Fangoria about the release of the next of the Hellraiser movies. Here's the plot outline for a script written by Carl Dupre. Deadworld, not to be confused with the forthcoming Hellraiser: Deader.

"Five edgy-type friends obsessed with, a computer game, are invited by ‘invitation only’ to a party to play the real game and go into the world of HELLRAISER."

The plot describes the host of the game as a “50-60ish-classic William Castle villain…the Vincent Price of the movie. He is creepy but charming, an aristocratic masquerade hiding evil intent.” DEADWORLD’s heroine is 19-year-old Chelsea, the “absolutely beautiful and sexy leader of the pack, [who’s] always calm, cool and collected, even in the worst nightmare situation.”

Casting aside, Doug Bradley will be back to play the ever terrifying Pinhead. Here's Bradley's take on things:

“I haven’t seen the script for DEADWORLD yet, and I’m just now looking at DEADER and making notes,” Bradley tells Fango from Rhode Island. “The script looks interesting. Rick is very creative and took a lot of ideas on board while we were shooting HELLSEEKER in Vancouver. He has been happy to let me take a pass on Pinhead’s dialogue. I am very happy with our working relationship.”

Dante Feretti:CHUD recently scored an interview with the production designer for Gangs Of New York & Cold Mountain. Check out the interview, CLICK HERE

Bruce Campbell: Thanks to a scooper at Dark Horizons, a bunch of rumors can now be put to rest about Bruce Campbell's upcoming adventures:

"A fourth "Evil Dead"? No because he doesn't think Sam Raimi would go back to zero-budget filmmaking - "Hmm...a low budget EVIL DEAD sequel, or another SPIDER MAN...let me think". His involvement in the new "Phantasm" flick? A rumor on the IMDb only, no truth to it. The talk he's been cast as Lizard in "Spider-Man 2"? Again entirely false - no one has approached him, including Raimi."

In a random note, Sci-Fi Channel and the Arizona Republic are asking for some declassification....of UFO's that it. CLICK HERE to find out more!

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