A movie taking $100 million at the domestic box office would have been seen as an out and out failure a couple of years ago, but with A Quiet Place 2 becoming the first movie to pass this modest milestone since theaters closed their doors back in March 2020, it is a sure sign that the cinema bounce-back has begun. While some recent big hitters like Godzilla vs Kong and Mortal Kombat proved that movie fans are starting to come back to see films on the big screen again, the backlog of releases on the way are likely to now reap the benefits of being delayed so long, leaving excited fans desperate to get some kind of normality back in their lives.

One factor in A Quiet Place 2's favor was the choice by Paramount to put the movie out exclusively in theaters for a defined time before making it available via their Paramount + platform in July. With the likes of Cruella simultaneously available in theaters and on Disney Premiere Access, and Warner Bros. releasing their offerings on HBO Max, the hybrid release plan may be working but also may not actually be needed for very much longer. If a horror sequel can hit $100 million, then it's likely some other recent releases could have done the same if solely available in cinemas.

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A Quiet Place 2 has surpassed many expectations, both in critical praise and box office takings, with the sequel continuing to follow the Abbott family (led by Emily Blunt) who must manage to survive in the outside world. It doesn't take long for them discover that the creatures hunting them are not the only threat awaiting them.

With audiences clearly on board the journey with the Abbotts, it is no surprise that a third movie in the franchise is already slated for release in March 2023, although it is said to be set in the Quiet Place universe but not following the Abbotts. If the purpose of this new spin-off is to show how the rest of the world is coping with the alien invasion, then there could be a plan to have the two stories merge together at some point, similar to the Walking Dead TV series and its numerous spin-offs. While there has been no specific word on whether the Abbotts will return, with the critics and fans both behind the movie, it is hard to imagine a scenario where we won't see them back for one more nerve-shredding outing.

So with audience numbers rising, it looks like many of the other delayed movies of the past year are going to start seeing larger returns in the coming months. Despite the dual release schedule, Black Widow is probably going to give the best insight as to how far we have come since theaters reopened. With Marvel movies usually having a certain expectation when it comes to box office takings, Black Widow is not likely to hit the heights of many of its predecessors, but should easily blast past the likes of A Quiet Place 2 when it comes out next month.