It's official. John Krasinski is directing A Quiet Place 2. After months of going back and forth about the decision to take on the gig, Krasinski has agreed to come back. In addition, it has been revealed that Emily Blunt is reportedly going to star in the highly anticipated sequel. Blunt was the one who gave Krasinski the confidence to even start writing the sequel, so it sounds like we may have her to thank when all is said and done.

A Quiet Place 2 production reportedly starts this July, which is just around the corner and means that we'll probably get some more details soon, including other castings. John Krasinski was initially hesitant to come back for a sequel since he felt that he said everything he needed to say in the first movie. The first installment was such a hit at the box office and amongst critics, so one can easily see why the director had his reservations about jumping back on board.

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When Paramount announced plans to make a sequel, they approached John Krasinski to get his ideas of where A Quiet Place 2 could possibly go. After thinking about it, Krasinski gave the studio some notes and was approached again. However, this time, after some pushing from Emily Blunt, the director agreed to write the movie, but did not agree to come back as director. From Krasinski's point of view, he created a world in which anybody can come in and tell a story and that one could easily introduce new characters into that world.

Knowing John Krasinski's initial thoughts on A Quiet Place 2 has caused all kinds of speculation as to how the movie will be executed and what the story will be based on. However, it seems that the sequel will have at least one familiar face with Emily Blunt back to star. Krasinski has put the emphasis on the world of the first movie instead of the characters, so it's going to be very interesting to see what he has crafted, especially since he is so excited about what he has come up with. Maybe his decision to direct the sequel wasn't as a big of shock as we all originally thought.

With production on A Quiet Place 2 set to begin this summer, the sequel should have no trouble staying on track to make it May 15th, 2020 release date. Let's just hope that everything goes as planned. Now, it's officially time to start speculating about what John Krasinski has cooked up this time around. Are we going to get another nearly-silent horror movie? Or has he flipped the script? Maybe we'll get some more information about the nameless monsters from the first installment. We'll just have to wait and see. Deadline was the first to announce the John Krasinski and A Quiet Place 2 news.