A Quiet Place 2 is now hitting theaters on March 20th, 2020. Paramount Pictures originally had the highly anticipated sequel preparing for a summer 2020 premiere, but they have decided to go with an earlier date. This should be welcome news to fans who have been waiting to see what John Krasinski is bringing to the table this time around, especially since he's being so secretive about his process. With that being said, the director/writer/actor says this isn't going to be an ordinary sequel.

A Quiet Place premiered at SXSW last year and quickly started gaining buzz. The movie opened in theaters about a month later to a completely surprising $50.2 million haul and an ended with $340.9 million globally when all was said and done. The movie's success was a pleasant surprise for everybody involved. This led to immediate thoughts of a sequel by the studio who saw a great opportunity. However, John Krasinski was adamant that the movie was one and done.

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After some talks, John Krasinski started to help the studio out with ideas of where A Quiet Place 2 could go. After a while of just passing notes back in forth, he was finally persuaded to not only come back and write, but direct the sequel too. Krasinski credits his wife, Emily Blunt, for giving him the confidence to keep going and reassuring him that his story was not only great, but original and unique. Krasinski had this to say about the upcoming movie.

"I don't even see it as a sequel. Emily (Blunt) actually blew my mind by categorizing it the correct way after I pitched it to her. She said, 'This isn't a sequel at all - this is the second book in a series of books. It's a widening of a world.' And I thought that's the best way to look at it. It doesn't feel like a sequel - it's a continuation of living in that world."

John Krasinski will not be starring in A Quiet Place 2, but Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe are all reprising their roles from the first installment. Cillian Murphy joins the cast for the project as "a man with mysterious intentions who joins the family unit." No other information has been revealed about Murphy's character as of this writing. With that being said, we should be getting some official updates soon.

A Quiet Place 2 is an exciting idea. But, there are going to be some pretty lofty expectations placed on the movie when comparing it to the original. There are a lot of horror fans who don't even believe that the sequel is even necessary. And then there are plenty of people who are very excited to see what John Krasinski is doing with this sequel. Whatever the case may be, we're all going to be able to see it a lot sooner now. Deadline was the first to announce the release date change.