The Super Bowl trailer for A Quiet Place 2 brings back John Krasinski. Paramount released the new footage to get some hype going for the sequel ahead of Sunday's big game. The studio treated fans of the first installment to the very first footage from the sequel earlier this month, teasing what to expect. So far, the reactions have been positive, but seeing Krasinski return, in what is clearly a flashback scene, may be even more exciting than anything from the first trailer, which is saying a lot.

Along with the return of John Krasinski, who didn't survive the first installment, A Quiet Place 2 Super Bowl trailer gives us another sneak peek at the freaky extraterrestrial long-legged monsters with the amazing hearing. Overall, we are treated to a sense of the post-apocalyptic world in which the family has to travel. Though only 30 seconds long, the trailer gets its point across and reveals that there won't be any resurrections for the family, which may have cheapened the first installment's highly acclaimed story arc.

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As for the 30-second run time of the Super Bowl trailer, we know Paramount shelled out around $5 million to $5.6 million to Fox in order to get more eyes on A Quiet Place 2. This is pretty much the same price as last year's game, which was on CBS. With that being said, shrinking ratings have been a deterrent this year since last year's game was the lowest rated game in a decade. Studios haven't been as easy to part with millions of dollars for a spot, and when they do, they release it early like this in order to get even more people talking about it.

John Krasinski has mostly kept his mouth shut about A Quiet Place 2, though he revealed early on that he did not initially want to take part in it. Paramount was going to move forward without him, regardless, but realized they needed some help from Krasinski, who wrote and directed the first installment. After giving the studio some notes, Krasinski really started to think about a sequel and what the story would look like after the bleak and perfect ending and how a sequel could actually work.

With some pushing from Emily Blunt, also his wife, John Krasinski decided to jump back on board for A Quiet Place 2. Paramount was happy to have him back and fans of the first installment were happy to know that the project was in good hands. From the looks of things, we're seeing an expanded version of the post-apocalyptic world teased in the first movie where things are a bit more open and with stakes that are even higher. The movie hits theaters on March 20th. Until then, you can check out the Super Bowl trailer above, thanks to the Paramount Pictures YouTube channel.