Despite speculation, A Quiet Place didn't turn out to be a Cloverfield movie, and it was something that was never even really considered. Paramount controls the Cloverfield franchise and also is the studio behind A Quiet Place. Given the secretive marketing campaign, it isn't totally hard to see why these theories came into being. However, producer Brad Fuller has set the record straight and says that it was never going to be a Cloverfield movie.

Recently, some reports, based on comments made by screenwriters Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, suggested that A Quiet Place was nearly a Cloverfield movie. While it was certainly something everyone seemed to be aware of while bringing the script to Paramount, it wasn't an option that was ever even on the table. So, even though the writers may have had to consider it, once the movie got going, this isn't an angle that really came up. Here's what producer Brad Fuller had to say about the Cloverfield crossover rumors in a recent interview.

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"We just kind of laughed about it, because I have no idea how that started. This was never going to be a Cloverfield movie. It was a spec script that we bought at Paramount 18 months ago and never had anything to do with Cloverfield. I don't know where that started. No one ever asked us about it. It was just one of those things where the first teaser was released and people started to play the game. I think it kind of went away when the Cloverfield movie, you know the Paradox, came out. No one's really brought it up since then but I have no idea where that started."

In our interview with Scott Beck and Bryan Woods about A Quiet Place, they even joked about it saying, "amongst ourselves when we were bringing the script out we were like, 'We can't take this into Paramount. They have Cloverfield. They'll just turn this into a Cloverfield movie.'" Woods went on to say "it never came up with them." A Quiet Place isn't currently connected to the Cloverfield universe, but is that a connection that could be made if A Quiet Place 2 happens? Brad Fuller doesn't think so.

"No but I think this is our world. I think John has created this amazing world with these characters and I think A Quiet Place definitely lives on its own."

Director John Krasinski's critically-beloved horror movie surpassed expectations, bringing in $50 million over the weekend. It looks like A Quiet Place didn't need to be part of the Cloverfield universe in order to be extremely successful. Paramount could end up with a new franchise as a result, as the screenwriters already have ideas for A Quiet Place 2, if that's something the studio wants to pursue. And, given the massive opening weekend box office, coupled with the relatively small production budget, it's not hard to imagine those conversations may already be happening. This news comes to us courtesy of CinemaBlend.

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