Freddy vs. Jason: We haven't received any reports from our visitors yet from the event in Las Vegas this morning, but a scooper over at Coming Soon! has already sent in his take on things:

The event was very well put together. It started with some preview clips of the movie, which we were told hadn't been previously seen. There was a short, perhaps 7 minute long, behind the scenes type short, with scenes from the trailer intercut. We also were treated to a finished version of the cornfield rave scene, which was very cool. The shots of Jason on fire running through the corn were definitely well done. At that time, Michael Buffer was introduced and then he preceded to introduce the combatants. The weigh-in was done, and Jason originally came in at a whopping 320 lbs. However, Buffer took his machete from him and the weight dropped to a more reasonable, still terrifying 275 lbs. Ronnie Yu and the producer of the movie, whose name escapes me, were brought out for the question and answer portion, but no questions were directed to them. The producer did act as Jason's faux mouthpiece, however. The questions were standard fare, but it was fun to hear Freddy's quite off the cuff responses. The press conference concluded with a Bally's sportsbook representative announcing Jason as a 7/5 favorite, over Freddy's 2/3 odds. Overall, it was very enjoyable, and I got some cool swag. Can't wait to see the flick July 30th.
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Stay tuned for more from this event as the reports from Lights Out readers roll in!

Thanks again to Coming Soon!