The Devil's Rejects: House of 1000 Corpses 2:Bloody Disgusting have posted the first online report from the set of the upcoming House of 1000 Corpses sequel, directed by Rob Zombie...

Then we jumped in the back of a van and were taken to the next shooting ground, where they were prepping for an after lunch shoot. Now things were starting to get interesting! This was a really cool area; there were tons of creepy dead trees and a dirty green swamp. Rob explained to us that Disney built this swamp for the film Haunted Mansion, only the Mansion was nowhere to be seen. We sat back and watched them set up and then ran into Mr. Voorhees himself, Kane Hodder, as he was helping prep for a shot. I yelled over, "watch out for that Voorhees character!" He came over and shot the shit for a few minutes with us, he seemed like a really nice guy. He told us how much fun he was having and how well thing were going. After he headed back to work, another van pulled up and out came Bill Moseley in his Otis Driftwood make-up (now bearing a badass beard) and Sheri Moon in her Baby Firefly make-up. Rob talked to them a little bit, probably preparing them for their upcoming scene. Then he caught eye of Heidi and he came over and talked with us for a little bit- let me tell you, Bill is one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet. We played a little 'catch-up' and then we got pulled back out of the way so they could finish.

CLICK HERE for the full report including loads of pictures!

In addition, Creature Corner have posted the official logo for the film.

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