The Punisher: A scooper over at Dark Horizons submitted a set report for the upcoming comic adaptation of The Punisher:

"They shot a scene downtown last Saturday night at the AmSouth building, that had him [The Punisher] doing a cowboy type stand off with two thugs inside the lobby (which is supposed to be baddie Howard Saint's building) and the raw stuff seemed so-so. They threw fake money out a window from a high floor too - I have been inside this building many times and often thought it would be a good location for a film. I'm still not quite sure Thomas Jane can pull this role off, he couldn't even holster his guns properly for about four takes (I thought he was trained by Navy Seals?), but his hair is black so that's cool. He looks very much like the Steve Dillon drawing of Castle - nothing like the older Zeck illustrations, this is the "modern" Garth Ennis style Frank Castle. The director said in a big press conference that Tim Bradstreet's work, and lighting style was going to influence the entire picture. They are still building sets down in the port, and Travolta isn't supposed to be here for a few weeks. I think once he shows up, the mood on set will become more focused and professional - everyone is just finding their place right now. Jonathan Hensliegh is a laid back guy, this is his first directing gig though, but he's a pro - loves the guiness too, so he has to be cool. Tampa has bent over backwards for this production, and they will do that for any production that comes into town. Before this, we couldn't get a film made here, hopefully this will be the start of a film industry in town".
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Thanks again to DH!