Resident Evil: Apocalypse: Thanks to a scooper over at Bloody Digusting, a trailer description for the upcoming Resident Evil sequel has been unleashed! Take a look:

A young woman sits in a chair in the middle of a blank white room. It plays like a commercial you'd see on TV. A female voice over starts to talk about the effects of aging as the camera moves in on the woman's face. While the voice over talks about aging, the woman's face starts to show wrinkles. More and more wrinkles show and the woman becomes older and older until she looks very elderly. We then see a shot of a product which will help fight aging. It is made by The Umbrella Corp. The "commercial" ends with the voice over saying "Some side-effects may occur." RELATED: Resident Evil Live-Action TV Show Cast Announced at Netflix

This teaser will probably make no sense to people who are not familiar with the Resident Evil games or the first film, as from what I've heard, there is no title at the end. It just plays like a typical commercial. Sounded pretty cool and unique, so I thought I'd share what I found out!"

Thanks to 'Brad' and Bloody Digusting for the scoop!