Warner Bros. Pictures is in talks with screenwriter, William Monahan for a sequel to the crime thriller, The Departed.

Directed by Martin Scorsese, the film has garnered five Oscar nominations and is the biggest boxoffice hit of Scorsese's long career. The Hollywood Reporter says Monahan has already started working on a take that would bring back the temperamental foul-mouthed cop played by Mark Wahlberg, who received an Oscar nomination for the role, and introduce a new character to be played by none other than Robert De Niro.

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Sources caution that Scorsese would need to approve any take before development was to move forward. A prequel is not being ruled out, either. The Departed is an adaptation of the Hong Kong pic Infernal Affairs; the studio also had option rights to the movie's two sequels. It is unclear if this new movie would fall under that agreement since Monahan's take could end up being an original story.

The Departed DVD hits stores February 13th.