Lionsgate has released a new trailer for A Simple Favor. Paul Feig has been known for blending action and comedy together seamlessly in movies like Bridesmaids and Spy. He's also got a knack for working with female leads. So the idea of him tackling a movie with Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick may seem like a lighthearted flick to look forward to this fall, but the latest trailer for A Simple Favor makes it clear that this is going to be anything but light and represents a serious change of pace for Feig.

The trailer boasts that this will showcase a darker side of Paul Feig. So those hoping for his usual antics may be sorely disappointed. Then again, those hoping to see something a little different from the man may be in for a treat. There are some serious Gone Girl vibes going on here, just without the intense bleakness that comes with something from David Fincher. The footage layers in a whole lot of intrigue and suspicion. There's plenty of blame to go around and it looks like most of the main players involved are going to get their hands at least a little bit dirty.

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In A Simple Favor, Stephanie (Anna Kendrick is a mommy vlogger looking to uncover the truth behind her best friend Emily's (Blake Lively) sudden disappearance from their small town. The two become friends due to their sons forming a friendship at school, but Stephane and Emily come from very different worlds. Stephanie is joined in her search for her missing friend by Emily's husband Sean (Henry Golding). Things get twisty and complicated along the way as they start to uncover Emily's past and blame starts to go around in regards to the mysterious disappearance.

In addition to the core trio of stars, the cast also includes Andrew Rannells, Linda Cardellini, Jean Smart, and Rupert Friend. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Darcy Bell which was released in March of 2017. Hollywood was quick to snatch it up. What's most interesting is that it was actually Bell's first novel. The screenplay for A Simple Favor was written by Jessica Sharzer. This is the first full-length trailer the studio has released, which is a little bit surprising since the movie comes out in just two months on September 14.

Paul Feig's last directorial effort was the much-maligned Ghostbusters reboot, which underperformed at the box office and was subject to a great deal of criticism from the fanbase. With that in mind, it's not terribly surprising that Feig wanted to try his hand at something very different for his next directorial effort. In addition to the trailer, the studio has also released a new theatrical poster for the movie, which you can check out below. Be sure to watch the new trailer for A Simple Favor, courtesy of the Lionsgate Movies YouTube channel, for yourself below.

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