In 2003, director Danny Boyle brought the world destruction and mayhem in 28 Days Later. Now, five years later, he has passed the torch to Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo on the follow-up, 28 Weeks Later from Fox Atomic.

But don't think Boyle's just giving up his franchise; he's serving as executive producer, and apparenly very hands with Fresnadillo - but let him shoot the film the way he wanted.

But why make a sequel? Well, let's start with the fact that the original made 10 times its production budget. And two, the fans demanded it! Cilian Murphy made such an impression on the big screen, it had to be done; he walked the desolate streets of London, just trying to find any form of civilization out there. In the follow-up, it's Robert Carlyle who's the main protaginest - from what we saw, he'll also be the one who's going to be saving society again from the nasty virus. and were lucky enough to attend a sneak peak, viewing the first 28 minutes of the new film. It was first introduced by Danny and Juan; Danny hand-picked Juan due to seeing his earlier film, Intacto.

Then, the film started; it basically picks up right where the first movie leaves off. Robert Carlyle is part of a group in hiding in a 'safe house' in the countryside of England; they're trying to keep a low profile from the virus-infected zombies who have been attacking the town. They've accomplished that until a little boy knocks on their door; just trying to escape himself, he's unfortunately led the flesh eaters right to their location.

The chase is on - zombies coming out from every angle, breaking down the house, chewing on arms, legs, and anything else they can sink their teeth into - all with fast camera movements and rock music in the background. It's race against time for Robert and the other members of the house.

From there, the film chronicles what happened in the next 28 weeks later; England has started to rebuild; full body bags being burned, haz-mat crews throwing out bags and bags of toxic items, filling the streets of London. The US Army has taken over as England is trying to recover, starting over in the Isle of Dogs.

Working their way back into the city, they've begun to bring back the remaining un-infected people. That's when we're re-introduced to Carlyle; he's reunited with his two kids and must explain what's going on. But that's when our preview was done - it's now up to you to figure out what's going to happen.

28 Weeks Later, the town looks safe for now; but watch your back - there's a good chance of more blood and gore. The film opens in theaters May 11th.

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