The Last Samurai: Thanks to a scooper Dark Horizons, after attending a New Zealand press conference for Tom Cruise's next film, The Last Samurai, the world has it's first peek at what to expect from the trailer for the film!

It started with the sun rising, revealing the WB logo, and throughout the trailer the music that accompanied it consisted of a Japanese flute, gongs and drums. After the WB logo, all the teaser had written graphics. I missed the first few lines, but the last few lines before actual footage read " The honor of the Samurai will be defended".

As the trailer progressed you could see the black that the graphics were on being slashed as if by sword, with red showing through. Then we see 10-15 seconds of footage, Tom fighting in slow motion against opponents of which could not be seen (the pic that was released on the net, of Tom with sword in hand was taken from this trailer). Then the final shot of the trailer was of Tom down on one knee holding in each hand a sword. Then graphics saying 12/03.

Filming goes till April. Edward said that he had been to NZ in the past and because the less population density, NZ's scenery was less affected by modern day and it had times x20 more locations than most of the favored countries known to film productions. Tom said to one reporter who said that she left NZ to work in LA for the Times, "You left this??". He also said that the locations you were able to do 360 degrees pan shots if so chosen. Tom was extremely impressed with the scenery of the countryside. And that he couldn't wait to get it on film. Ed mentioned that Taranaki offered the chance to film scenery that was limited in Japan because of urban growth. Also Cruise indicated that this production was the biggest in his career, the film has both action and offered a feast both for himself as a actor and storywise for the film. He had spent 8 months learning Japanese martial arts as well as Bushido/Kendo.

Thanks again to Dark Horizons.

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