Animal House: It's a class reunion of epic proportions for the ultimate campus comedy that spawned a million toga parties and continues to inspire new generations of party animals. Universal Studios Home Video will release National Lampoon's Animal House Double Secret Probation Edition DVD celebrating the 25th anniversary of the hugely popular film on August 26, 2003 for a $19.98 suggested retail price. Pre-order close is July 22.

A House Full of Hilarious Bonus Features including an Original Segment directed by John Landis Special bonus features on the DVD will include an exclusive original bonus segment directed and produced by filmmaker John Landis and co-produced by Matty Simmons. In the hilarious "Where Are They Now?" segment, the film's memorable cast is interviewed in character 25 years later. The original cast members in the segment include Kevin Bacon, Tim Matheson, James Widdoes, Bruce McGill, James Daughton, Karen Allen, DeWayne Jessie and Stephen Furst. Also included are outrageous pop-up facts and trivia and a Greek Game.

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Marketing a Landmark Campus Comedy

Universal will join forces with beverage partner SoBe in a national cross-promotional campaign. A $4 mail-in coupon for the Animal House DVD will be featured on SoBe 4-packs. Additionally, 15 million SoBe bottles will contain under-the-cap quotes from the movie.

Beginning September 8th and running through October 6th, one lucky consumer will win a college scholarship - Animal House-style -- totaling $105,000 (which is equivalent to $15,000 per year for seven years of college.) SoBe will also run a "collect the caps" promotion, where consumers can redeem caps that spell out "SOBE" in Greek letters, and earn a SoBe pledge kit containing a fraternity T-shirt, a pledge pin and a diploma.

Universal will support the DVD release with a multi-million-dollar media campaign that includes spot and cable TV, radio and print ads. A national online campaign will target college campuses and a Dorm-Room Awareness program will further reach the student audience. Other online activities will include an all-new destination Web site ( offering soundbytes inspired by the film, interactive e-mailable games, video/trailer-streaming options and an online contest.

Comedians of Our Day

Animal House marked director John Landis' (The Blues Brothers, Trading Places, An American Werewolf in London) first breakthrough feature film in 1978, and the ultimate "slob comedy" also marked the screenplay debuts of Harold Ramis and Douglas Kenney (Caddyshack) and Chris Miller, all three of whom were nominated for a Writers Guild Award.

The film also featured the inspired casting of John Belushi (of the original Saturday Night Live, The Blues Brothers) as the beer-swilling Bluto. Belushi's performance in Animal House set a standard for hilarity against which other collegiate comedies will always be measured. Tim Matheson (VP John

Hoynes in The West Wing) made a name for himself as oversexed frat brother Eric ("Otter") Stratton; as did Stephen Furst (TV's Delta House series based on the film) as a corpulent nerd called Flounder. The film not only scored an A+ at the box office, but its evergreen crude humor defined cinema comedy for decades, and introduced now-classic phrases such as "food fight," "toga party" and "road trip" into the campus lexicon. The immortal party soundtrack featured songs by Stephen Bishop and original music by legendary composer Elmer Bernstein (Far From Heaven), and is best remembered for its rendition of Louie Louie and a live performance of Shout.

Other top-notch cast members contending with hijinks at the disreputable Delta House fraternity included John Vernon, best remembered as Faber's heartless authority figure Dean Vernon Wormer, and Peter Riegert (Crossing Delancey), who played the debauched Boon. Prolific Academy Award