Spider-man 2: A reader over at AICN recenlty got a chance to see the teaser for Spider-man 2! Here's his description:

The teaser begins with a dialogue between Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. They are in a coffee shop and she asks him if he loves her. He says "no", trembling. "Okay, if you don't love me, give me a kiss", she says and leans forward. "I would like to see something". You can notice he's very nervous. Just when they're about to kiss he ducks in slow motion and pushes her to the floor. We see a full size car smashing through the coffee shop window and nearly hitting them. In slow motion one of the car wheels almost peels Toby's face off. RELATED: Zendaya Is Unsure of Her Future at Marvel After Bittersweet Spider-Man: No Way Home

Then, right through the broken entrance comes Doc Ock, walking with his tentacles, never touching the ground,