Christmas with the Kranks:Coming Soon! have posted a rather intense set report from behind-the-scenes of Christmas with the Kranks, which stars Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Dan Aykroyd. Hitting theaters on November 24th, Christmas with the Kranks, based on the John Grisham best seller "Skipping Christmas," Tim Allen plays Luther Krank, a man who decides to skip Christmas and all the surrounding trappings and go on a vacation with his wife Nora (Curtis) instead. But when his daughter decides at the last minute to come home for the holiday, he is forced to put Christmas back together.

Walking on the set, you're showered in multi-colored Christmas lights. And this isn't even the final stage. Tonight's scene was about midway through the town's Christmas construction. Think the street from Home Alone adorned with the Griswold family zeal from Christmas Vacation.

From behind, most of the houses are backed with wood. They are nothing more than fronts. The production hopes that the street will remain standing, sans Christmas décor of course, for future productions to use at the Downey, CA studio lot.

This night's scene took place outside the Krank's house as Christmas carolers bombarded them with holiday cheer. It was actually a professional group of carolers. As is always the case with movie music, the songs were prerecorded, though it was the group's own performance they lip synced to on the set.

The carolers began with a round of "Jingle Bells." They sang it four times, each time getting faster and higher pitched. Then they broke into "Frosty the Snow Man." A longer song, they didn't complete it before director Roth yelled cut.

In the editing room, they had assembled a promo real, an extended trailer of sorts. It begins with Tim Allen in his office punching numbers into a calculator. He mugs as the total builds and builds. Finally, he declares that his family has spend $6,100 on Christmas. So he drafts a letter to the office indicating that he is skipping Christmas this year. He won't give or accept gifts, nor will he attend any holiday parties.

This of course begins a spiral of resentment that turns the whole town against the Kranks. Highlights of the trailer include Allen with a ridiculous tan and puffy face, having just had botox injections. A dinner scene of simply trying to chew food becomes a comic set piece. Dan Aykroyd chases after Jamie Lee Curtis's car and she closes his hands in the window. He pulls out, but the gloves still hang in the window and Curtis screams.

The dailies screening room offered a few more scenes in depth. First, Curtis is holed up in her room as the town bangs on her door demanding the Kranks' Frosty. (There is a yearly contest which the street always wins for having each house adorned with a snowman on the roof). Curtis calls Allen at work and he has to talk her through the crisis while she cowers under her blanket, admonishing her to withold the Frosty. Curtis screams a lot more at each threat the angry mob, led by Aykroyd, directs towards her.

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