Recently SciFi Wire got a chance to visit the set of New Line Cinema's upcoming horror flick, Final Destination 3. During their visit tehy got a glimpse of the sequel's opening disaster, which takes place on a roller coaster and will be shot in a way that hasn't been seen before.

Like the previous two films, the movie begins with the main character—in this case, high school senior Wendy, played by newcomer Mary Elizabeth Winstead—experiencing a horrific disaster in which she and her friends all die—then realizing it's only a premonition of death. In the first film the disaster was a plane crash. In the second, a multi-vehicle pileup on a freeway. In Final Destination 3, it's a disaster on a roller coaster, Morgan said. It all fits, he added. RELATED: Final Destination Trends After Log Crashes Through Windshield in TikTok Video

"I don't know if we ever successfully pull it off, but Jim and I like to have themes," Morgan said. "And this one, for the Wendy character, is about loss of control. … You got a roller coaster, [and] psychologists will tell you that's why people hate 'em. Why you're afraid of them. Or why you're afraid to fly. Because you have no control. And for me, … when I'm going up any roller coaster, I just say, 'I want out.' But I'm not getting out. That's just torture. … It's unbearable. I'm nervous talking about it. … If you look at death, that's [the same thing]. … All of a sudden. I feel that if it wants us, [it's going to get us]. I think that's why the franchise kind of works."

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