The Haunted Mansion: The guys over at Creature Corner recently visited the set of the upcoming Disney theme park attraction turned big screen flick, The Haunted Mansion. Take a look at what they had to say:

Your devoted Rotten one never had a chance to visit the Haunted Mansion set (based in Los Angeles), but I did catch a few glimpses of Rick Baker's work for the 999 ghosts who inhabit the creepy abode. Even if Minkoff strayed from the core essence of the Haunted Mansion ride, the Academy Award winning pony-tailed Baker is completely staying true to Marc Davis' spectral designs. Those kooky hitchhiking ghosts that supposedly accompany you home at the end of the ride? Baker's made 'em, the spirit of Marc Davis residing in every one. Even that cemetery-bound old ghost who's hard of hearing ("Wha...? What did you say?") is being brought to the big screen. The dueling ghosts that come out of the paintings in the main ballroom? Yep.

As usual, Baker's doing it the way it should be done: appliance make-up. Well, mostly. I'm sure there'll be a few CG-assisted touches to give the spooks an added touch. Like "Thir13en Ghosts" or that classic Adam's Family cemetery, you'll be able to tell how many of the ghosts bit the big one. For instance, one will have an arrow sticking out of his skull. Another might be a gored matador. There's even a few wild-eyed, grinning skull-faced apparitions. Either way, it's all very Tim Burton-esque. What made me smile even more was to see a gaunt-looking spirit who bears an uncanny resemblance to Uncle Creepy from the "Creepy" horror comics.

If anything saves this movie (that is, if it needs saving - I haven't read the script), it'll be Baker's always-rockin' work. Haunted Mansion fans get happy, all your favorite ghosts will be checking in to the movie. If we can bring you any advance pics from the film, you can bet your ass we will.

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