Set in the early days of James Gordon's police tenure, when he meets a young boy named Bruce Wayne, Gotham and Fox TV have issued a casting announcement for a ten-year-old boy to play the future Batman in this DC Comics-based drama series.

TV Show Auditions broke the news this morning, as the weekly crime series set within the Batman universe begins searching for its primary cast members.

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The basis of the show will revolve around Commissioner Gordon having to chase down and capture the villains that have made Gotham City famous over the years. The crime drama was given a direct-to-series order by Fox, who won an intense bidding war for the Warner Bros. Television rights.

The pilot episode is set to begin shooting this March, and will center on Gordon as a rookie homicide detective investigating the double murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Future episodes will build and strengthen the relationship between James and the boy the two parents have left behind.

Bruno Heller, who has previously worked on Rome and The Mentalist, will serve as the executive producer, head writer, and showrunner. He will base the show on the works of Bill Finger and Bob Kane, though reimagining the history between Bruce and James, as the two characters didn't meet in the comic books until after Wayne had assumed the role of the vigilante 'The Batman'.

Gotham is being set up as one of Fox's big fall 2014 debuts, mostly likely premiering in October of next year. To find out how you can audition, or be hired as one of the many extras on the upcoming series: CLICK HERE

We'll be sure to let you know as soon as the next 'Batman' is cast (any ideas on who the ten-year-old equivalent of Ben Affleck is?)