Aaron Eckhart has taken the lead in an upcoming psychological thriller titled Fade Out. Producers Anthony Bregman and Naomi Despres made the announcement yesterday.

The film follows screenwriter Jim Connelly (Aaron Eckhart), who is recovering from a nervous breakdown. He spends his days in a tropical beachfront villa being cared for by his glamorous wife Anne. He starts writing a new screenplay about a jealous husband who murders his unfaithful wife, but his intense paranoia and hallucinations cause fiction and reality to blur. As the events in Jim's screenplay appear to materialize, he becomes a suspect in his own wife's disappearance and must outrun the police as he pieces together the puzzle seemingly designed by his very own mind.

Here is what producer Anthony Bregman had to say about the project.

"Fade Out is as irresistible as a potent Caribbean cocktail: a twisted mind-bending thriller set in a sun-soaked beach town -- from a smart script full of surprising twists, and with true artists in front of and behind the camera."

Lisa Wilson and Myles Nestel also expressed their thoughts on the project.

"Aaron is a versatile actor who has shown immense range across his performances and is the perfect actor to bring the character to life in this Hitchcockian thriller. We're delighted to be partnering with Robert Salerno on his directorial debut and debuting the project at AFM."

Robert Salerno is directing from a script by Michael Cristofer. Production is slated to begin February 2014 in Puerto Rico.