Yesterday, we reported that 20th Century Fox has set a Valentine's Day 2013 release date for A Good Day to Die Hard. Bruce Willis is set to return as the hard-nosed detective John McClane, and it seems he will have an adopted son in this sequel.

Actors Aaron Paul, Ben Foster, Paul Dano, and Milo Ventimiglia will be testing for the role next week. Fox has also reportedly shown interest in Paul Walker, although he is not expected to test for the role.

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The role has larger implications aside from co-starring with Bruce Willis in the action role that made him a superstar. It is said that this character may end up carrying the franchise in future sequels.

John Moore is directing A Good Day to Die Hard from a screenplay by Skip Woods. Little is known about the plot of A Good Day to Die Hard, except that it will be set in Russia. Prodcution is scheduled to start in early 2012.

Of the actors mentioned above, it is said that nobody is considered a front runner at this time.