Chronicle producer John Davis has acquired the sci-fi short film Archetype, with plans to expand it into a full-length feature film. Click on the video player below to watch director Aaron Sims' seven-minute short, and read on for more details regarding this project.

Aaron Sims is primarily known as a visual effects and pre-vis artist. His Aaron Sims Company has worked on recent hits such as War Horse, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and The Thing. Archetype centers on an eight-foot tall soldier robot who malfunctions on the battlefield, which causes him to develop unexplained human memories.

Aaron Sims will make his feature directorial debut with this expanded project, working from a screenplay by Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy, who is not the Glee creator. John Davis, who purchased the rights through his own discretionary fund, will produce with John Norris.

No production schedule was given for Archetype.