Aaron Sorkin, the Academy Award winning screenwriter behind The Social Network, is taking a unique approach to his upcoming screenplay for Steve Jobs. It won't be a typical biopic about the Apple co-founder, but will instead consist solely of three thirty-minute scenes, each of which will follow the moments leading up to the Keynote speeches that introduced the world to the Mac, NeXT, and the original iPod.

Back in May, Aaron Sorkin attended the D10 conference, where he talked about the pressures of bringing Steve Jobs' story to the screen, then revealing that the movie would only focus on certain, specific moments from Jobs' illustrious life.

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"One of the hesitations that I had about writing the movie was that it was like writing about The Beatles. There are so many people out there, who know so much about him, that revere him, that I just saw a minefield of disappointment, frankly. People are going to want to know...'God, you left out the scene where he did this!' Or, 'You really didn't get your arms around him this way!' Or, 'You really missed the big thing about him that he did!' That is bound to happen with any piece of non-fiction. All I can say at this early stage of the game, when you are at the movies, and you see the words, 'The following is a true story." You should think of it as a painting and not a photograph. There could be many movies about Steve Jobs. In fact, there are going to be two...One thing I know for sure is that Steve Jobs was a big enough person to lead more than one life, and he is a big enough person to lead more than one movie."

Aaron Sorkin's three-part story will take place completely backstage at these showcase venues, leading up to the three individual speeches. A lot of the script will consist of dialogue, with characters conversing back and forth before the product reveals. As far as we can tell, there will be few, if any, flashback sequences.

Despite sounding anti-climactic, Steve Jobs was known to be a whirlwind force before a product launch, which promises a film that is intense and edge-of-the-seat thrilling.

Aaron Sorkin revealed this news today at the Hero Summit, where he left the crowd with this quote.

"No point in writing about someone unless they're flawed."

You can watch the full 30 minute conversation with Aaron Sorkin at the Hero Summit in the embedded video below.

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