According to various sources from across the web, all of which lead back to a Twitter post from star Nathan Fillion, it seems that ABC has picked up their sophomore drama Castle for a third season. The pick-up is due to the fact that the last half of the second season has been garnering high ratings in all major demographics. And airing on the coattails of ABC's hit Dancing with the Stars hasn't hurt the show either.

Starring both Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic as a pair of mismatched detectives, the series' recent two-part episode 2.17: Tick, Tick, Tick and 2.18: Boom garnered a ratings high for Castle, securing a rare victory over the CBS drama CSI: Miami.

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Nathan Fillion tweeted, "Have you heard? Castle has a third season pick up! Cheers to you all for making it happen." Co-star Jon Huertas followed that by stating, "Full 22 eps! Congrats to fellow cast and crew..." Castle will return for its third season in the fall of 2010.