ABC has teamed up with screenwriter Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) to develop a new version of Cupid, the short-lived but well-regarded series starring Jeremy Piven about a man who thinks he's been sent to earth by Zeus to help out romantically challenged souls.

According to Variety. Sony Pictures Television, which produced the original series, has given its blessing to the remake.

Cupid lasted only 15 episodes during the 1998-99 season, but it attracted a cult audience.

Piven, busy on Entourage, won't be reprising his role. Thomas wants to come up with a main title sequence that captures the show's conceit so he doesn't have to explain it every week.

The new "Cupid" will also relocate from Chicago to Los Angeles, allowing for more high-profile stunt casting.

"The plan is to try to hook some really good guest stars every week," Thomas said.

The original series also starred Paula Marshall as a court-appointed shrink trying to help Piven's character work through his Cupid issues. That doctor character will also return, though Thomas still isn't revealing the answer to one of the skein's enduring mysteries: Whether Piven's character really is Cupid or is just a bit nuts.

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