Sam Raimi's syndicated original Wizard's First Rule is set to bow in all of the top 50 markets in the US.

Variety says the ABC/Disney show, based on the "Sword of Truth" books by Terry Goodkind, is greenlit for 22 episodes and will begin production in May.

Now it looks like the action/fantasy show will preside over a nonfictional kingdom, as well: "Rule," which is sold station-by-station, has been cleared in 84% of the country in the not quite six weeks it's been on sale.

The weekly hourlong series follows Richard Cypher, a young man who makes his living leading people through dangerous forests, as he investigates the murder of his father and finds himself opposing Darken Rahl, the son of an evil wizard.

Goodkind's popular novels, first published in the mid-nineties, span 11 volumes so far.

Wizard's First Rule will be shot in HD.