ABC has greenlit production on Here Come the Newlyweds, a six-episode romantic comedy reality series, according to Variety.

The show pits seven recently married couples against each other in competition for an ever-escalating cash prize. Couples will engage in various challenges designed to test their relationships, with one husband and wife voted off each week.

A program producer says "We wanted to do a competition that would feel more fun and light and stay away from the backstabbing elements that have crept into so many shows. There's so much real comedy and insight and often poignancy when you really examine male-female relationships."

The series will feature an assortment of couples, from high school sweethearts to an arranged marriage to a pair of divorcees who are starting their fourth marriages. Each episode will feature challenges in which all the couples compete together in order to boost the final cash prize, as well as competitions in which the teams of two compete against each other.