ABC has announced that it is finalizing a deal with ABC Studios for a 18-episode season of the Zach Braff sitcom Scrubs. According to Variety, if that's true, NBC Entertainment/Universal Media Studios co-chair Marc Graboff said ABC Studios would be in breach of contract and they would take appropriate legal action.

"NBC has a license agreement with ABC Studios, which includes a right of first negotiation and first refusal to extend the series term beyond this season," Graboff said. "We're living under the terms of this license agreement, and we expect ABC Studios to do the same."

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NBC and ABC Studios had been negotiating whether the network would go ahead and air all remaining six episodes, or air just some of those episodes, with the rest going to DVD.

If Scrubs continues, it would be with the entire cast, including star Braff, who just signed a deal with ABC Studios last spring that made him one of the top-paid actors on TV.