ABC has greenlit a pilot from Victor Fresco (Andy Richter Controls the Universe) about a man whose morals are tested working for a large, faceless mega-corporation, according to Variety.

The workplace-set comedy will be a half-hour long.

Fresco calls the currently untitled show "a comical look at how our corporate workplace has become." The comedy focuses on Ted, a charming, likeable thirty-something who heads up the research and development department at a Fortune 500 company.

"He works in a compassionately challenged, heartless company," Fresco said. "He's been very good at developing product -- specifically products with multiple uses. But at his level, he's the only person there saddled with a conscience. It probably holds him back, but he has it, and he struggles with it."

Ted is fiercely loyal to a group of misfits who make up his team; at home, he's the single father of an 8-year-old who keeps him honest.

Fresco will infuse the show with a strong dose of satire, as he examines what it's like to work in this kind of corporation today.