ABC has teamed with Pharrell Williams and McG to produce a new musical themed show entitled Limelight. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this drama will be taking place at a performing arts school.

The show is being called a "modern day Fame". It will focus on the prodigious children and faculty of an innovative art school in New York City. McG came up with the original series, and was the one that got Williams involved.

McG stated, "Pharrell is the ultimate embodiment of credibility in this space -- he attended a performing-arts high school and went on to become the most prolific producer of our generation. I am honored to be his partner as he enters the world of television."

Pharrell said about the project, "(I came) from a different environment where we stuck out for having abilities that we later learned -- after attending a school like this -- were actually gifts and talents. The moral DNA for this project is that it's OK to dream, but to bring it to fruition requires hard work."