How well do you know your friends? Would you bet your life on it? That's the question in Traveler, an action-packed drama series that taps into 21st century paranoia with provocative themes, complex characters and pure adrenaline-fueled entertainment. Director David Nutter, who has defined many hit series including The X-Files, Without a Trace and Supernatural, along with the Eight Below writer David DiGilio and American Beauty Oscar-winning producers Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen, combine The Fugitive and Enemy of the State into a taut thriller about innocents on the run. Traveler will air in a special preview, THURSDAY, MAY 10 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. The series will have its regular premiere Wednesday, May 30 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET).

In the preview, "Pilot" (also the premiere episode on May 30), Jay Burchell, Tyler Fog and Will Traveler - friends who have spent virtually every minute of the last two years living, working and partying together as grad-school students -- set off on a road trip to New York. Once there, the three enter New York's oldest art museum for an innocent prank: Jay and Tyler lace up their rollerblades inside and speed off to see who can make it out of the building first. When they're both outside, Will calls on his cell phone saying, "Sorry, I had to do this" -- and then the building blows up! Now, with Jay and Tyler's rollerblading prank on the museum's security tapes, blame for the attack focuses on them; they in turn realize that their "friend," Will, may have set them up. Unable to find him or indeed any evidence that the Will Traveler they knew even existed, Jay and Tyler flee the city and go on the run.

As the series continues, Jay and Tyler are being hunted by the FBI as domestic terrorists. The two must rely on each other to elude capture while trying desperately to prove their innocence by answering two questions -- who is Will Traveler, and why did he do this to them? Jay and Tyler search for clues both in the present and the past, and slowly unravel a conspiracy that involves friends and family members, and calls into question the very nature of American democracy.

Traveler stars Matthew Bomer ("Tru Calling") as Jay Burchell, Logan Marshall-Green ("The O.C.," "24") as Tyler Fog and Aaron Stanford (X-Men: The Last Stand) as Will Traveler. The cast also includes Pascale Hutton ("Smallville") as Jay's girlfriend, Kimberly, Viola Davis ("Century City," Solaris) as Agent Jan Marlow, Anthony Ruivivar ("Third Watch") as Agent Guillermo Borjes, Steven Culp ("Desperate Housewives") as Special Agent in Charge Fred Chambers, William Sadler ("Roswell," The Shawshank Redemption) as Carlton Fog and Billy Mayo ("24," Air Force One) as The Porter.

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