Walt Disney World reopened its doors last weekend for the first time since the middle of March. Abigail Disney is confused by the Orlando theme park deciding to reopen at a time when Florida is seeing major case spikes. In one day alone last week, the state saw over 15,000 new cases. However, the park is adamant that they will be able to keep their guests and employees safe, though we've already seen plenty of images and video of people not following social distancing guidelines from within the park.

In a new interview, Abigail Disney says she's "confused" by Walt Disney World opening their doors to the public again. There are people pushing for the economy to open and others trying to get people to stay home in order to stop the spread. Disney is losing money every day that they are not open, so something had to be done, though there have been some harsh criticisms for doing so. Abigail Disney had this to say when asked on her opinions on the park reopening.

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"I'm not looking at the same information they're looking at, but given what I do know ... I'm confused about how they think they can possibly protect their guests and their employees."

Walt Disney World is currently open to about half capacity and all guests have to have their temperatures taken before entering the park. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 will not be allowed in the park. From there, a mask is required at all times, along with practicing social distancing. According to Abigail Disney, the reopening of the Disney theme park has put employees in a difficult situation. She explains.

"I certainly know people who work there who are very uncomfortable, who have conditions like asthma and diabetes that put you at high risk, who are literally deciding whether they want to go back to work or buy food."

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis isn't worried about Walt Disney World reopening and thinks it is safe for guest to visit. Disney parks chairman Josh D'Amaro says that company feels "really good" about their safety protocols that they have in place. "There's a lot of trust here, both from our cast members and our guests, and we've got a responsibility to deliver on that trust," D'Amaro said last week.

Abigail Disney has been very critical of the Walt Disney Company's actions during this unprecedented time. When asked if she had reached out to anyone to discuss her concerns over Walt Disney World reopening, she simply said, "The lines of communication are not robust." With the Florida park open, all eyes have shifted to the other side of the country. Anaheim, California's Disneyland remains closed, though it originally announced it was to open this weekend. Those plans were dropped and not it is unclear when the California park will be able to open its doors again. The interview with Abigail Disney was originally conducted by CNBC.

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