Young Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) makes a startling discovery in the first trailer for About Time. Upon turning 21 years of age, Tim is told by his father (Bill Nighy) that all the men in his family have the ability to travel through time. While he can't change events in world history, he can alter what has happened in his own life, so he decides to use this gift to find a girlfriend. When he meets the insecure Mary (Rachel McAdams), they fall in love, only to have a time-travel mishap completely erase their first meeting, causing Tim to try and make her fall for him again and again. Universal Pictures has also provided us with the first poster and three photos from this romantic comedy, directed by Richard Curtis (Love Actually).

<strong><em>About Time</em></strong> Poster
<strong><em>About Time</em></strong> Photo 1
<strong><em>About Time</em></strong> Photo 2
<strong><em>About Time</em></strong> Photo 3