John Alexander (Steven Seagal) uses some MacGyver-esque skills, turning an ordinary cell phone into a bomb, in our exclusive clip from Absolution. If there is any lesson to be learned in this scene, it's to never pick up a phone that isn't yours, which mysteriously starts ringing as soon as you enter the room. This scene also features Adina Stetcu as Nadia, a young girl who John is trying to protect.

When a contract killer (Steven Seagal) encounters a girl on the run from a dangerous, politically connected mob boss (Vinnie Jones) running a human trafficking operation, he is torn between protecting the girl, and remaining loyal to the government agency that hired him. The supporting cast includes Byron Mann, Josh Barnett, Massimo Dobrovic, Maria Bata, Sabina Branduse, Dominte Cosmin and Sergiu Costache. Absolution will be released in theaters and on VOD formats May 15.

This action-thriller reunites Steven Seagal with director Keoni Waxman. The filmmaker has directed the actor's last three movies, Maximum Conviction, Force of Execution and A Good Man. Take a look at this explosive clip below, and stay tuned for more on Absolution.