Jim Carrey fans are calling for the actor to make Ace Ventura 3 after he quoted one of the character's classic lines on Saturday Night Live. Following the results of the 2020 presidential election, Carrey appeared in the cold open of the latest SNL to portray president-elect Joe Biden. In the closing moments of the sketch, Carrey's Biden referred to Donald Trump as a "loser," placing heavy emphasis on the word in the vein of Ace Ventura. Longtime Carrey fans knew right away who he was referencing, and the studio audience applauded very loudly.

On social media, fans have since increased their calls for Ace Ventura 3 after noticing the Easter egg on SNL. "I'm convinced @JimCarrey} was picked to play Joe Biden on #SNL just for the chance to bring back The Pet Detective one last time," tweets one fan. "This is the 2nd greatest thing that's happened in 2020. Can we get Ace Ventura 3, please?"

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"And just like that I am demanding that they make Ace Ventura 3," another tweets, including a video clip of SNL quote.

Many more tweets from fans echo these thoughts, including another that spoofs Donald Trump's campaign slogan by stating, "Ace Ventura 3 - let's really make America great again."

Released in 1994, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective was a breakout role for Jim Carrey. It starred Carrey as a goofy sleuth investigating the disappearance of an abducted dolphin mascot. One of the most popular comedies of its era, the movie was tremendously successful at the box office and firmly established Carrey as a bona fide movie star. The following year, Carrey reprised the role for the sequel Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls, which nearly doubled the box office haul of the original movie.

In the years since, it has seemed very unlikely that Carrey would ever revisit the role. Technically, a third Ace Ventura has already been made in the form of the 2007 TV spinoff movie Ace Ventura Jr. Pet Detective, which starred Josh Flitter as the son of Carrey's character. Still, fans had renewed hope for Ace Ventura 3 after Carrey starred in a Dumb and Dumber sequel in 2014, showing that he's open to making modern sequels to his classic comedies. Along with rumors of Ace Ventura 3, there's also been chatter from fans about The Mask 2, but it remains to be seen if either project will ever come to fruition.

These days, Carrey has been spending much more time on the small screen. He starred in the critically-acclaimed Showtime drama Kidding for two seasons as a children's television entertainer whose life is turned completely upside-down. Of course, he has since moved on to playing Joe Biden on SNL, a gig that very well may continue for the next four (or eight) years. Still, given the fan interest in the concept, it's always possible Carrey could return to the Ace Ventura movie series for one last go.

Straight from Twitter, you can take a peek at the fan response to Carrey's Ace Ventura reference on Saturday Night Live below.