Action Point is Johnny Knoxville's latest movie and he's back to doing the real-life crazy stunts from his Jackass days, only this time in a scripted movie. The film is based off of the real Action Park, which was a notoriously dangerous, anything goes theme park in New Jersey. Action Point takes place in 1979, before "helicopter parents" and "pre-class-action-lawsuit times," according to Johnny Knoxville. In other words, it's the perfect guise for the daredevil to get back to stunt work and inevitably getting really hurt in the process. He boasts, "I definitely suffered the most injuries on one film."

Johnny Knoxville plays D.C. Carver, the owner of Action Point. One particular scene that was shown in the trailer involves a high pressure hose and water slide. The hose is pointed at Knoxville and while it looks hilarious as he gets lifted off the ground and thrown on to the slide, it involved a trip to the hospital for some stitches. Knoxville had this to say.

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"It really knocked the hell out of me. The only thing that broke my fall was my face. I kept landing on my face and my head in this movie."

Speaking of Johnny Knoxville's face, an alpine slide stunt (without breaks) sent the daredevil off the tracks. The slide itself was 6 feet high and Knoxville estimates that he flew nearly 20 feet and, you guessed it, landed on his face. Knoxville notes that there was an ambulance placed at the bottom of the alpine slide that already had the doors open and ready for him. He suffered a concussion and lost all of his memory for 15 minutes, but that isn't even the worst part. Afterwards, Johnny Knoxville went to sneeze and his eye popped out of its socket. He explains.

"I wasn't expecting that, so I pushed it back in real quick. I called the executive producer and said, Look, you've got to come get me. My eye just popped out of the socket... Every time I blew my nose, I'd push air behind it, and it would push the eye out. I wasn't allowed to sneeze for six weeks after that. And I have bad allergies."

The filming of Action Point left Johnny Knoxville with a total of 4 concussions. In one scene where a sled-towing motorbike flipped over, the actor says he thought they were going to film it in dirt. However, they did it on concrete, which resulted in the first concussion of the production. Action Point director Tim Kirby revealed that it was pretty intense, but Knoxville laughed it off and went to the hospital. He says.

"It was terrifying because it looked so gnarly, but he was great. He just rolled on his back, laughed, got up and went off to the hospital."

The now infamous catapult scene form the Action Point trailer looks pretty crazy as it is. But it was even crazier on the set. According to Johnny Knoxville, somebody accidentally bumped into it right before the stunt, which meant that he didn't hit the intended target, resulting in 5-inch piece of skin and hair ripped from his scalp. On another stunt gone right, but also wrong, Knoxville landed wrong and broke his hand. The best stunt gone wrong didn't even take place on the park set. Johnny Knoxville's Carver character was supposed to show his daughter how good he is at chin-ups, only to have the bar fall and Knoxville along with it. That was the gag, but the explosive used to make the bar fall ended up falling on his face, busting 2 teeth and shoving one into his skull. Johnny Knoxville takes his stunt work very seriously, so hopefully people go to theaters to see Action Point. You can read more about the crazy daredevil stunts from the movie over at Entertainment Weekly.