A Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prequel: During recent interviews Andrew Bryniarski, who played "Leatherface" in last year's remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the actor revealed the tentative plans of the filmakers to make a prequel to the film.

"Bay said prequel was the way to go. That's pretty obvious," Bryniarski continued. "I mean, nobody wants to see the one-armed healed machine. It's easy to find the one-armed man unless you're in 'The Fugitive.' In the real world I think it'd be easy to find a one-armed Leatherface and he'd be easier to deal with. That's further reason to do a prequel. I'm not the writer and nobody's talked to me about it, but, as the movie stated there were 33 victims found in the Hewitt house. And if memory serves me right there are only five victims in this house and one of them gets away. I think it's prequel-ripe. You've got so much backstory there like: when did the switch really break for Leatherface?"
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