Kiss The Bride and Torque 2:Moviehole talked to Torque star Monet Mazur who spilled details on her next film, Kiss the Bride, as well as whether or not there will be a Torque 2.

Are you guys signed for a sequel?

Yep. It was written into our original contracts that we have to do the sequel.

Do you think there will be?

I don't know. It depends on how well it does. If people like it, I'm sure they'll do a sequel.

What's next for you?

Whirlygirl is coming out and something called Kiss the Bride.

What's Kiss the Bride about?

Kiss the Bride is about this whacky Italian family from Rhode Island that have four daughters and one of them is getting married so they all go back home for the wedding. I play Toni, the youngest sister, who has decided to come home and be a Lesbian just to piss her Father off. She comes home with a girlfriend and ah, Dad's not thrilled.

Are you doing a commentary for the Torque DVD?

Yeah, we did it. It was fun. There was something with a camera walking around too. A lot of the cast did a commentary.

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