Van Helsing: A recent online interview with John More has actress Silvia Colloca talking about her role in Van Helsing, which is set to hits theaters on May 7th...

John More: How did you feel to be the bride of Dracula?

Silvia Colloca: As far as what it felt like to be Dracula’s bride… well I did pretty well considering that Richard Roxburgh (Dracula) and I are getting married in September!!!

John More: Stephen Sommers has also being the writer-director of “The Mummy”, “The Mummy Returns” and now “Van Helsing”. How did you feel to be directed by him? And can you also give me an example of one advice that the director Stephen Sommers gave to you?

Silvia Collica: Being directed by Stephen was really great. He is like a child on Christmas eve, excited, curious and really open to changes. I loved the atmosphere he managed to create on set.

The best direction he gave was to distinguish Verona from the other brides by being less “loud” as if (His words) “She has been around far too long to be bothered by things like crucifix or so.”

Of course when she transforms into a human - like bat, she is a fiercesome animal and that is a different story… I look so scary!

John More: How was it working with Hugh Jackman, Richard Roxburgh, Kate Beckinsale and the rest of the staff?

Silvia Colloca: The cast was great fun to work with, of course with a special mention for Dracula! Hugh Jackman is a sweetheart and Kate Beckinsale was really professional on set, which I really appreciated.

I made friends with Will Kemp (The Wolfman) and his lovely wife and I have to say the three brides had plenty of fun together in Prague!