A brand new animated film has just lined up a talented quintet of actors for voice roles. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Goldberg, Danny Huston, Jay Harrington, Bob Balaban and Catherine O'Hara have signed on for A Monster in Paris.

French pop star Vanessa Paradis has already joined the cast and Shark Tale co-director Bibo Bergeron will direct the animated film from a script he co-wrote with Stephane Kazandjian.

The film will be set in Paris in the year 1910 and centers on a timid movie projectionist/inventor (Harrington) who forms an unlikely alliance with a cabaret singer (Paradis), a wacky scientist and his monkey to save Paris from monsters. Huston will portray the villainous police chief, Goldberg will play an unambitious delivery man, Balaban will play the police captain and O'Hara will voice the cabaret club owner.

No production schedule was released for the film.