During a recent interview with FilmFocus, actor Michael Madsen gave away some details about the status of Quentin Tarantino's upcoming war epic, Inglorious Bastards, as well as what might prove to be some revealing casting bits.

"Quentin's written it now," he tells FilmFocus, "but we've not started shooting yet. I've read it and you know the Dirty Dozen? It's a bit like that."

But while Madsen was remaining tight-lipped on his role in the film, he did drop a few casting hints. Adam Sandler and Bo Svenson have been attached to the film at various points, and while Svenson wasn't on the list Madsen gave us, a couple of other interesting names are. "It's going to be myself and Tim Roth," Madsen told us most assuredly, "Adam Sandler and Eddie Murphy are in it too."

Roth has, of course, worked with Tarantino before on Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, but Sandler and Murphy will both be new additions to Tarantino acting circle and, as with all things Quentin, they seem to be inspired choices.