Dennis Dugan, who directed Adam Sandler's Big Daddy and Happy Gilmore will direct I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, according to Production Weekly.

The film was written by Alexander Payne and James Taylor (Screenwriters of Sideways) and stars Sandler and Kevin James portraying two straight firefighters who pose as a gay married couple in order to qualify for their department's domestic partner benefits.

Widowed fireman Larry Ellensworth (James) is best buddies with infamous womanizer Chuck Ford (Sandler). But when a bureaucratic snafu makes it impossible for Larry's pension benefits to be transferred from his dead wife to his two children, a desperate Larry steps way outside the law, and he and Chuck pretend to be a gay couple in order to unkink the paperwork. Accused by professional pissant Clint Fitzer of being a pair of straight fakers, Chuck and Larry turn to female attorney Alex Croft for assistance -- and when Chuck falls hard for Alex while pretending to be gay, he finds that being a fireman's wife is no life at all.

Production is scheduled to begin late August, with locations in Los Angeles and New York City.