A reader over at Bloody Digusting recently got word from actor Adam Sandler about a possible remake of the 1978 B-horror move classic, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Sandler also talked about remakes, saying one of his favorite remakes was the Dawn of the Dead remake. I asked him if he had considered doing a remake of a horror movie and he said "We actually talked, still do, about Killer Tomatoes. I think we should do that one - lots of gore, but lots of laughs too. Robby's in. That's a classic man.... we definitely goin to look at that again soon." Asked what he's got coming up he said he's going to be doing a film with Tarantino called "Inglorious Bastards" and a movie with Christopher Walken that's "very, very funny".

In addition, Burt Reynolds talks about his future plans...

I think we might do Sharky's Machine next, with Clooney in my part, and I know that they're doing Cannonball Run - that's not me though, it's an african-american version. You should ask Nelly about that one (points to Nelly, in a shocking white suit)'.