Netflix users can't seem to get enough of Adam Sandler. The streaming service claims that over 2 billion hours were spent watching Sandler's material on the platform. All of the Sandler watching was apparently done after Ridiculous 6 was released. Netflix and the actor/comedian have had a deal in place since 2014, which has now been extended twice. Adam Sandler and Netflix extended their deal heading into the weekend for a second time, promising us four more new Sandler movies.

Despite every movie from Happy Madison Productions ending up on the Rotten list, Netflix will continue to do business with Adam Sandler. Critics don't seem to appreciate Sandler's streaming projects, but his fans sure do, otherwise Netflix would not have decided to extend their contract together. Regardless, Sandler seems happy to stick around with the streaming platform to bring new projects together for his fans, which have collectively streamed over 2 billion hours.

Adam Sandler has seen himself in the headlines over the last few months. His performance in Uncut Gems initially fueled Academy Awards talk. For a while, it looked like Sandler was going to get his first Oscar nomination for his work on the critically acclaimed movie. Viewers and critics seemed to agree that this was the time for the actor. However, Sandler's name was nowhere to be found when the nominations were announced. As for a reasoning why, one Academy voter says that the actor hasn't put out enough serious roles, even though he has done several over the last few decades. Whatever the case may be, Adam Sandler is not getting an Academy Award this year for his work in Uncut Gems.

The Ridiculous 6, The Do-Over, Sandy Wexler, The Week Of, Murder Mystery, and 100% Fresh have all come out from the Adam Sandler deal with Netflix. While none of them have reached Rotten Tomatoes Fresh Rating, Sandler fans are flocking in huge numbers to see what's next. Murder Mystery, which finds Sandler starring alongside Jennifer Aniston, was Netflix's most-watched movie of 2019. The streaming service recently said that 83 million households watched the movie within its first four weeks based on its new viewership metrics. It should be noted that the streaming service counts a view if the household has streamed only 2 minutes of a show or movie.

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Netflix originally said that 73 million households tuned in for Murder Mystery, but they have changed their tune as of the new deal extension. Whatever the case may be, there's a lot of people watching Adam Sandler material on the streaming platform, especially since he has produced a number of projects for them under his Happy Madison production team. As for what his next few movies will be, that is unclear, though he has joked about making one intentionally bad movie for not being recognized by the Academy. The Adam Sandler and Netflix details were first reported by Business Insider.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick