Adam Sandler is going to make a bad movie on purpose if he doesn't get an Academy Award nomination for Uncut Gems. The actor/comedian jokingly made the threat in a new interview promoting his latest drama. Sandler plays Howard Ratner, who is a gambling addict trying to dig himself out of a massive hole. The performance has been receiving rave reviews from critics and those who have been lucky enough to see the movie early. Sandler also seems to be pretty happy with the job he turned in this time around.

Adam Sandler appeared on the Howard Stern Show to promote Uncut Gems. When Stern started talking about the positive reviews, Sandler joked, "That's shocking, right?" Stern went on to say that many people on his staff really enjoyed the movie and Sandler's performance in particular, which led to Academy Awards talk. Sandler says it would be a "funny big thing" if he received a nomination. He had this to say when asked what would happen if he didn't get the recognition.

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"If I don't get it, I'm going to f***ing come back and do one again that is so bad on purpose just to make you all pay. That's how I get them."

Howard Stern is able to pull those kind of quotes from guests, but Adam Sandler is just kidding around. The actor/comedian has been actively promoting Uncut Gems and even participated in a rare profile for the New York Times, which makes Sandler unsure how he feels about the whole situation. Adam Sandler even got choked out for the role, which shows his dedication to the craft. "The Safdie Brothers and everybody worked so hard on the movie that I didn't want to do what I usually do and just go, 'Eh, I can't help you out there,'" said Sandler when talking about actively campaigning for an Academy Award.

As it turns out, Adam Sandler's promotion of Uncut Gems may already be working. It was announced after the Howard Stern interview that Sandler was named Best Actor by the National Board of Review, which could give him a better chance at the Oscars next year. For now, Sandler seems to be enjoying the praise, even though he seems to downplay it like he does most of his projects when they receive good reviews.

Adam Sandler also told Howard Stern about when he was fired from Saturday Night Live. He recently went back to guest host after turning the show down multiple times. Show creator Lorne Michaels let the comedian go under mysterious conditions and he admits he was hurt at the time. Sandler stayed on the show for 5 seasons and the firing caught him by surprise. He even said he and Chris Farley, who was also fired, pretended to be angry when they were really sad about it. You can check out portions of the interview with Sandler below, thanks to the Howard Stern Show YouTube channel.