The Good

These movies were very faithful big screen adaptations of the TV show.

The Bad

I am not too sure that I understand why this one disc, two movie set was released.

The Addams Family/Addams Family Values is a one disc release that showcases both The Addams Family and Addams Family Values. These are two films that expanded on what the cartoon and the TV show tried to do. In the first Addams Family, the wonderful cast featuring Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd and Christina Ricci basically chewed the scenery as they tried to stop a plot to take Gomez's fortunes. In The Addams Family Values, we again get our four stars, only this time we get more of a plot as Uncle Fester (Lloyd) has got to deal with the advances Debbie Jellinsky (Joan Cusack) who also wants to take the family fortune.

Aside from being wildly entertaining films, we also get to see some great performances in The Addams Family/Addams Family Values set, not the least of which comes from the late Raul Julia as Gomez.


No extras came in this DVD set.


Widescreen. If you are a fan of the original show (which I am) than you have got to appreciate how faithful these movies are in terms of their look. Okay, the powers that be weren't going to make these movies in black and white, that simply wasn't going to happen for a franchise film, but what should be respected is that even utilizing colors these things played well. The stories are light and simple and the images, while not groundbreaking, certainly do keep your attention.


Dolby Digital. The audio for these movies was also good as well. What makes both of these films so enjoyable is the back and forth banter. The film's creators really got the comic sensibility that I think the show had. Because it kept that tone, it made these movies play much more simply than was probably intended. At the very least, I noticed no audio problems and I don't think these films being compressed to one disc hurt them at all.


The front cover features what I believe are the two covers that were used when these films came out in theaters. Basically, we get two portraits of The Addams Family. The back portion of this cover gives us a couple of shots from both films, a description of what the movies are about, cast lists, and technical specs. This is a very bare bones release but the fact that we are getting both movies on one disc for such a cheap price, I probably shouldn't complain as much.

Final Word

Aside from wondering why they decided to put out both of these movies on one disc, I was all too happy to get to revisit The Addams Family/Addams Family Values. What really made these movies work well was the fact that they were originally released around the holidays, and they were even marketed like family movies. Then to see them, you realize that Barry Sonnenfeld as working his wicked imagination into every aspect of these films. As I was watching these movies, I couldn't help but wonder if the director might have more success making smaller budgeted films, but allowing his sense of humor to roam a bit more. It seems like he did that somewhat with The Addams Family/Addams Family Values, but since then he has stuck with safer, higher budget fare.

The Addams Family was released November 22, 1991.