Last week it was a fish without eyes and this week it's a fish with Admiral Ackbar's head on it. Star Wars has had some pretty bizarre merchandise over the last 40 years, a lot of it official and some not so much, but this one is right up there in the weird department. Admiral Ackbar has always shown more than a passing resemblance to a goldfish, and now his face is on a Billy Big Mouth Bass. The animatronic singing fish, often seen on your weird uncle's wall has gotten a makeover thanks to ThinkGeek.

Instead of singing "Take Me to the River" or "Bad to the Bone," Ackbar wiggles his tail to the "Cantina Song" and then yells out his iconic line: "It's a trap!" The product description is worth reading as it sets up a fictional back-story to the selfless Ackbar.

"Admiral Ackbar had a long history about pointing out things to his fellow creatures, it's one of the reasons he rose so quickly in rank! When he was but a paralarva, he was quick to identify other sea creatures ("IT'S A CARP!"). So, in honor of his intelligence and leadership, we created this Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass for all of us to have a little more Ackbar in our lives."

Ackbar actually looks pretty good as a fish and don't lie, you know you want one. The product was originally set as an April Fools Day trick in 2012 by ThinkGeek, but now it's a real due to the public outcry of being teased with the talking fish. The company is also the creator of the Tauntaun sleeping bag, which was also originally an April Fools joke that has been made a reality. The Tauntaun sleeping bag is quality, but it's hard to get it back to its full glory after a cat decides to pee on it, trust me. The company has also put out the famous Wampa rug that you can setup and show off to your friends for $129.99. The Admiral Ackbar talking bass is up for sale on their site for $39.99.

The Billy the Big Mouth Bass was invented in December of 1998 and put on sale in early 1999. The bass represents a largemouth bass who sings to popular songs like "Don't Worry be Happy" and "Take Me to the River." Al Green wrote and recorded "Take Me to the River" and has said that he has made more off of the royalties from the singing fish then he ever did through selling records, which speaks to the initial enormous popularity of the product. The concept has been modified a lot over the years, but this is the first time that we get to see a Star Wars version of the famous wall mounted fish.

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Ackbar is not technically a fish; he's a member of the Mon Calamari, an amphibious species from the Watery planet of Mon Cala. We'll let ThinkGeek slide on this mistake this time. You can head over to ThinkGeek to own your own Admiral Ackbar talking "fish" right now and hang it over your toilet. Check out the original April Fools video below.

Kevin Burwick