In a story from Variety Adrian Askarieh picked up the rights to turn the video game Just Cause into a big screen movie.

Askarieh hopes to put this film together for a budget of about $30 million. It isn't currently attached to any studio.

The game follows the deadly missions undertaken by a CIA black ops assassin code-named the Scorpion. He specializes in helping nations get rid of leaders. At the time he fends off pirates, mercenaries and other rogue agents.

Just Cause was created by Eidos Interactive in 2006. The gamemaker is currently planning to make a sequel to this game. The first version has sold over 1 million copies.

In the first installment, Scorpion had to help get rid of a dictator in a fictional Caribbean tropical island. He possessed WMDs. The title of the video game is taken from the actual U.S. led invasion of Panama which ousted Manuel Noriega. The mission was called "Operation Just Cause."